Best Ski Boots for Beginners

Best ski boots for beginners

This is a review of the best ski boots for beginners. Hi, I’m Nick, a longtime downhill skier, and all-around skiing enthusiast. Together with Aspen, an NZSIA and APSI certified ski instructor, and our ski school manager of the Japan and China division, we’re going to take a look at the best ski boots for … Read more

Best Cross Country Ski Gear

best cross country ski gear

So you decided to spend this winter on skis. Are you ready to skip the ski lift lines in a resort and enjoy cross country skiing instead? Before you can start your adventure, you will need to buy some gear. If you have trouble choosing from the overwhelming amount of equipment, don’t worry! My name … Read more

Best China Ski Resorts – Instructor’s Top Picks

Best China Ski Resorts

This is a review of the top China ski resorts. I am Aspen, an NZSIA and APSI certified ski and snowboard instructor with 15 seasons of snowsports teaching experience in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada. I’ve been working in China as a ski and snowboarding instructor since 2017. Over the years, I have visited almost … Read more

Best Wetsuits for Kayaking

Best wetsuit for kayaking

Today we’ll look at some of the best wetsuits for kayaking. My name is Steve, and I guide both whitewater and sea kayak trips. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in wetsuits! Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm even when you’re wet and it’s windy. The right wetsuit will keep you comfortable without … Read more

Best SUP Leash (Paddle Boarding)

Best SUP Leash

This is a review of the best SUP Leash. I am Mako, a huge paddling fan. I had been kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding since I was a child. Losing your board at sea is the last thing you want to happen when doing standup paddleboarding. Over the years, I have tried different types of … Read more

Best Kayak Paddle Under $100

Best Kayak Paddles under 100

This is a review of the best kayaking paddle under $100. My name is Nick and I have been canoeing, kayaking and SUPing for nearly a decade, I have used all types of kayaking paddles over the years. I’ve tried many high-end options but have purchased a lot of reasonably priced but solid paddles. The … Read more