Best Waterproof Dry Bag for Kayaking

This is a review of the best waterproof kayaking bags in 2021-2022.

My name is Mako and I have been running kayak guided tours for over 5 years. A high-quality waterproof dry bag is another must-have accessory for my trips. Over the years, I have used and tested many different waterproof dry bags to keep my belonging dry.

I believe that OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag should be considered as the best overall waterproof kayaking bag because it is durable, reasonably priced, and comes with many premium features.

In this article, I will also include a list of high-quality options suitable for different needs too.

Sounds good? Keep reading!

Quick Summary

3 Best Waterproof Dry Bag for Kayaking

Here are the detailed reviews of my most recommended waterproof dry bag for kayaking.

OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag

  • Key features:  PVC material, vinyl-coated waterproofing, comes with waterproof phone pouch, two back straps, floats on water, 12 colors to choose from
  • Size: 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L
  • Straps: Single strap, double strap, double straps with pads, double EVA straps
  • Best for: Overall

To the kayakers who are looking for the best in all situations, OMGear has the waterproof dry bag for you. This bag is durable, affordable, and it comes with a lot of premium features for its price point.

Starting off with the material, OMGGear uses a 500D PVC material here that comes standard with durable bags like this one. The fabric is also flexible enough to not feel stiff and hard, making it easy to fold from the top to bottom.

The buckle that closes the opening secures the dry bag from being opened easily, unlike the usual cinches and velcro that aren’t as secure. You’ll also have an easy time moving this bag around, since the buckle is wide enough to act as a handle for hand carry.

The bag is not just waterproof, but it also floats with decent buoyancy. 40L bags come with an EVA strap that increases floatation, and 30L bags also have straps that come with paddings. This makes the bag comfortable and reliable for kayaking in strong waves or under light rain. 

When it comes to cleaning, you can effortlessly wipe out most of the dirt and stains from the bag with a simple cloth. If you feel like doing a much deeper clean, the bag can easily handle a strong hose and a quick-dry under the sun. 

For the price point, it’s at, this waterproof kayak bag is the best for overall use. While it isn’t super lightweight, it’s comfortable enough to carry without a problem. The size, security, and quality of the material also make it adequate for heavy-duty items like pots and other utensils.

Outdoor Produces 3-Pack All Purpose Waterproof Bag

  • Key features:  Three different sizes bags, soft and flexible, lightweight, watertight polyurethane-coated and double-stitched seams
  • Material: The material is flexible, soft, and lightweight
  • Package: Comes in three bags for 2, 4, and 10 liter sizes
  • Best for: Budget

The 3-Pack All Purpose Bag from Outdoor Produces is a great deal for kayakers who need to organize their belongings into little bags. The bags are made from quality materials and are also coated to be sufficiently waterproof.

The material itself is soft and flexible, which is great for lightweight belongings like phones and wallets. If you’re going kayaking and want to pack lightly, these three bags will give you a lot of options between the 2, 4, and 10-liter sizes it comes in.

Since it’s a 3-Pack package, the three different-sized bags you get is great for finalizing your kayaking kit. This would make a great gift for kayakers who are particular about organizing their items into different, smaller bags.

Being the best budget choice, these bags are reliably waterproof. Although it isn’t advertised for floatation, you can bet that rain or a couple of splashes won’t wet anything inside these abgs.

All in all, it’s a great deal for the price. The few caveats to consider is that the sizing is limited to just 2, 4, and 10. There’s also no strap for any of the bags, so you won’t be able to just hang it onto a clip unless you use the buckle.

KastKing Dry Bag

  • Key features: Triple-layer military-grade construction, CycloneSeal closure waterproofing, puncture and abrasion-resistant, molle straps, backpack straps, 600D material
  • Buckle: 100% waterproof with CycloneSeal closure, convenient handle
  • Molle Straps – Gear straps, two free carabiner clips
  • Best for: Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty bags are meant to last you a long time and KastKing’s Dry Bag is meant to do just that. This bag will carry any of your belongings through a cyclone and is essentially a waterproof backpack and dry bag.

Starting with the material, KastKing spared no expense for quality here. The company claims to have a bag that’s 10 times stronger than other dry bags. The 600D material also means that the bag is thicker than most waterproof bags out there.

Since this also works as a backpack, the bag comes with two molle straps at the back where you can attach things to. The gear straps open up to carabiners, cinches, clips, and other types of attachments, while the two carabiners that come with the bag lets you attach other items to your backpack.

This KastKing dry bag also has two fantastically designed shoulder straps. They sit a little lower and close to the middle of the bag, which props the bag up over your shoulder. This makes the center of gravity of the bag closer to the upper area of your back, making it more comfortable to carry even if it’s full of stuff.

For the price and quality, there are not too many downsides with the product. We would have wanted to see more color choices though, as some of the designs can feel tacky and over the top. 

Best Waterproof Kayaking Bags – What to Consider

There are a ton of waterproof or dry kayak bags out there. There’s multi-purpose, heavy-duty, and more. Before buying a waterproof kayaking bag, here are the best factors to consider. 


Most waterproof kayaking bags come in two main materials. Nylon and vinyl.

Nylon bags are durable so they’re perfect for heavy materials. These bags can stand a beating, so if you’re the type who doesn’t want to ever worry about a tear in your bag, then a Nylon bag is ideal. 

The only caveat to this material is that it can be quite heavy. The sturdiness also makes it less flexible than vinyl.

On the other hand, vinyl is a lightweight material that makes for a flexible bag. If you’re carrying just a few things, like your wallet, lunch box, and other small essentials, a vinyl bag works just fine. 

These are often much more affordable as well. That said, don’t expect this to be a heavy-duty companion.

The last material is PVC, a versatile plastic that brings the best of both worlds together. PVC is great for all-around bags, but that’s where it ends. If you know you’re going to need the strengths of one or the other, we suggest picking out a nylon or vinyl bag instead.


Kayaking with the confidence that your items are safe from the water is a peace of mind that will let you enjoy the hobby more.

You don’t want to kayak while worrying about your bags opening and neither do we. Clips are one of the most common ways to close a waterproof bag, as well as velcro and zippers. These are also much more secure, compared to simple cinches that aren’t as reliable.


When you’re not riding your kayak, you’re probably hauling your bag toward and away from your car.

A good bag is comfortable to carry and doesn’t dig too deeply in your skin. Wet and sunburnt skin will not appreciate a roughly woven plastic sling over your shoulders. Thankfully, you can always choose the alternative, like a bag with a handle for hand carrying or two straps for a backpack.

Color and Design

Lastly, don’t pick out a camouflage design kayak bag because you’ll just lose it.

The color and design of your kayaking bag is an underrated consideration. When you’re in an emergency situation or have been kayaking till night, a dry bag that’s easy to spot can save you minutes or hours of searching.

Try to go for bright color options like bright orange and yellow, think about what are the most popular colors for life jackets? Orange, red, and yellow!


Here are some most commonly asked questions relating to the best waterproof dry bag for kayaking.

What size dry bag is best for kayaking?

For a sit-in kayak, it is best to go for dry bags with from 5-15Ls volume, because you want it to be fitted into the hatch and you can close and seal it securely.

If it is a sit-on-top kayak, you can go for dry bags up to 30Ls. If you have a lot of belongings, try to divide them into two 20L dry bags so it’s better for weight distribution.

Can you swim with a dry bag?

Yes, you can swim with a dry bag, at least I did that a lot. You just need to pick a high-quality dry bag, make sure that it is sealed securely and with enough air inside the bag so it can float on water.

Important: Do not consider replacing your PFD (personal flotation device, aka life jacket) with a dry bag just because it floats too! Always put on a life jacket whenever you are near the water!

How big of a dry bag do I need for a sleeping bag?

Generally, if you are planning for a 1 – 2 night kayak camping trip, a 20L dry bag should be large enough to hold a thin sleeping bag for one person, plus some clothes and some essential items.

Consider purchasing a 30L dry bag if you are planning a longer trip, or two 20L dry bags is also better than one 40Ls.

Wrapping Up

If you want the best waterproof dry bag for kayaking in terms of features, value, and quality, look no further than the OMGear Waterproof Dry Bag.

While kayaking is a grand, enjoyable hobby, coming home with a wet cell phone and a drenched bag is not. The mentioned waterproof kayaking bags are lifesavers and you will be happy with the value they offered.

Stay safe out there and have loads of fun!