Kayak Bass Fishing Tips and Guide

kayak bass fishing tips

Kayaking is fun, Kayak bass fishing? It’s super fun! My name is Wesley, and I have over 20 years of kayak fishing experience. Kayak bass fishing is one of my favorite activities during my off time. Over the years, I have gathered a lot of useful tips and knowledge, and some of them have helped … Read more

Best Kayak Fishing Life Vest

Best Kayak Fishing Life Vest

This is a review of the best kayak fishing life vests. I am Wesley, a kayak fishing enthusiast. For the last 15 years, I’ve logged many hours on the water in different locations. I primarily fish out of my kayak.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear a high-quality life vest during … Read more

Best Inflatable Kayak for Ocean 2024

Best inflatable kayak for ocean

Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore the stunning nature of water. It’s relaxing, exciting, and fun. If you do enjoy kayaking a lot, it makes sense to invest in one so you can easily enjoy this activity. However, not everybody can enjoy the leisure of owning a hard shell kayak. It’s costly, … Read more

Best Kayak for Camping

best kayak for camping

For those with an adventurous heart, camping and kayaking are thrilling individual hobbies that are favorites of thousands across the world. By combining the adventure of kayaking with the peacefulness of camping, you have got yourself one of the best outdoor adventures. Kayaking is undoubtedly one of the more unique ways of discovering the best … Read more

Best Kayak Accessories 2024

best kayak accessories

When you are first introduced to the world of kayaking, you may begin to feel overwhelmed by the vast array of kayaking accessories available.  Unlike a life vest, kayaking accessories may not be necessary, however, these little tools are the finer details and add-ons that turn a kayaking trip into an excellent trip that is … Read more