About Us

SSW Board House is founded by a group of instructors. Yes, a group of ski, snowboard, skateboard, and watersports instructors.

What a combination! Right? Well, this is our life. Spending Winter on the big white mountains, wake surfing, kayaking, surfing during summer, Spring, and Autumn? It’s a good time to do some skateboarding.

Basically, we are big fans of all the cool sports and activities.

That’s why we created this site, to provide you with everything relating to all the sports we love. From tips and guides, gear reviews, to high-quality instructing services. 

What You Can Get from SSWBoardHouse

Below are the contents we will be providing for our readers and students:

  • Free tips and guides
  • Unbiased and honest gear reviews
  • High quality online and offline snowsports and watersports school
  • Watersports (Kayaking, rafting, SUP) rentals and guided tours

As instructors, we know how important it is to have proper gears, knowledge, skills, and a sense of safety so you can truly enjoy a sport. That’s why we want to share some useful tips and guides about the sports we love with you.

Trying different gears (and buying them!!)? Absolutely loving it! So probably, you can imagine how much we love to talk about the gears too! 

Note: Some of our instructors are sponsored by a specific brand but don’t worry, these sponsored instructors will not touch any of the gear reviews, they can only do the tips and guide part.

Here comes the online and offline sports school, guided tours, and rentals part. Hey, that’s our business. We make our living out of it, so do bear with us. LOL. We are pretty confident that our services are great and you will have an amazing time!

Our Team

Aspen P. (Ski School Manager and Snowsports Articles Main Editor)

Aspen is a ski and snowboard instructor, skiing is the love of her life. Here is the snowsports instructor license she has:

  • CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) level 3 snowboard instructor
  • CASI Park 1 Snowboard Instructor
  • NZSIA (New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance) level 2 ski instructor
  • NZSIA Children’s Teaching certificate
  • NZSIA Free Ski Level 1
  • APSI (Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors) snowboard instructor

Since qualified as a snowsports instructor, she has been teaching skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and China. Over the years, she has taught over a few thousand students.

Angel H. (Watersports Consultant Coach)

Angle Ho’s Information on Hong Kong Government’s Website

Angel is a retired professional Canoeing and Kayaking player who has attended the Incheon Asian Games. Currently, Angel is a kayaking coach and organize different type of guided Kayaking tours and courses.

Steve R. (Writer)

Steve operates an adventure travel business in the mountains of the northern Philippines, where he organizes and guides mountain biking, canyoneering, trekking, and white water rafting and kayaking trips. 

He has guided sea kayak trips among the islands of northern Palawan and sailed small catamarans up and down the coast of western Luzon. He owns an outdoor shop, accumulates excessive quantities of gear, and occasionally throws shields around. 

He is the primary author of Action Asia’s Adventure Travel Guide to the Philippines and has written on a wide variety of topics.

Wesley L.

Wesley’s love for outdoor adventure began at birth. Growing up, his parents provided him many opportunities to kayak, canoe, hunt, and fish in the diverse state of Oklahoma. Wesley writes in between adventures with his wife and daughter to encourage others to ditch modern conveniences so that they may live an adventure of their own.