Green Egg Island and Sheung Sze Wan

Green Egg Island, originally known as Lan Pai, is a beautiful island located off the coast of Clearwater Bay.

The name “Green Egg Island” comes from its green sunny side up egg look. With a small green hill and sandy beach surrounding it, it’s a typical amazing national park island.

Green Egg Island and Sheung Sze Wan – Their Relationship

There are many ways to access the green egg island, one of the most popular ways would be: renting a kayak from Sheung Sze Wan to get there.

It takes around 40 mins to 1 hour for you to go from Sheung Sze Wan to the Green Egg Island by kayaking or SUP, the route is pretty easy, you can see people enjoying the coastline with scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you have no experience with SUP, we do recommend you to take a SUP lesson on the Sheung Sze Wan Beach first and practice a bit by yourself before going to the green egg island.

There are no pier and facilities on Green Egg Island, so the best would be bringing your food to the green egg island, or else, you may want to prebook a lunch box and collect it at Sheung Sze Wan before you dispatch to Green Egg Island.

If you want to hire a kayak, please whats app +852 6517 6898.

Sheung Sze Wan (Beach and Pier)

The Sheung Sze Wan coastline has divided into 2 parts: the beach area and the pier area. SUP and diving lessons will be taught in Sheung Sze Wan Beach and you can collect the kayak from the pier area.

It takes around 3 minutes to walk from the beach to the Pier.

During weekends, we do not recommend to park your car next to the beach because you will cause traffic. When they get annoyed, they will call the police. You may want to check with the villagers to see if the car park for visitors is all full.

How to Get to Sheung Sze Wan?


Avoid going from Sai Kung and try to get there from Tseung Kwan O.

Public Transport:

  • Take 91 Bus from Diamond Hill MTR Station and get off at Sheung Sze Wan
  • Take Green Mini Bus103M for Tseung Kwan O Station
  • Take Green Mini Bus103 from Kwun Tong
  • Take Taxi or Uber from Hang Hau MTR Station (closest station)

I hope you will enjoy the area just like I do! Cheers!