Ski School Pairing Service

Are you planning for a ski holiday and thinking about booking a ski lesson? Well, it’s time you get to choose the perfect ski or snowboard instructor. 

My name is Aspen, the manager of the SSWBoardHouse ski and snowboard school. Believe it or not, I fell in love with skiing because of my first instructor. I was one of the lucky girls taught by an experienced, patient, and cool instructor on my first day of skiing.

That was one of the best memories of my life. After so many years, I still remember all the details, so I understand how important it is to find a great ski or snowboard instructor.

And that’s why we are launching this ski school/ski lessons pair-up service. To help you find the best instructor.

How Does Ski School Pairing Service Work?

Step 1: Let us know when and where you are going, your group sizeability level, and expectation.

Step 2: One of our experts will contact you, mark down your requirements, and send you the profiles of instructors we believe match your needs the most.

Step 3: You can pick the instructor you like. We will check their availability and confirm the booking.

Why Choose Us?

Finding and booking a great instructor is pretty tricky. All the ski schools somehow tell you they have the best instructors, and you can expect the best experience.

Well, sadly, it’s just not the case.

Most of the time, if you walk into a ski school and tell them, “hey, I want to book a lesson!”. Very likely, you will be assigned to whoever’s available at that moment. All you can rely on is luck.

Via SSWBoardHouse’s ski school pairing service, you get to know your instructor better before making your booking. You get to look at their qualification, background, teaching styles, fees, and customer reviews in one place.

We will only choose to work with instructors that are authorized to teach in a specific area. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority.