Best Kayak Accessories 2021-2022

When you are first introduced into the world of kayaking, you may begin to feel overwhelmed by the vast array of kayaking accessories available. 

Kayaking accessories are the finer details and add-ons that turn a kayaking trip into an excellent trip that is fun, safe, and comfortable.

We have tested the very best kayak accessories available in the market so you may choose the most suitable one according to your preference.

The Best Kayak Accessory (Quick Summary)

Who Should Get These

Anyone who has purchased their kayak or would like to enjoy activities such as fishing, camping should consider getting the related accessories.

These accessories allow you to add your personal touch to your kayak so it will provide the best performance for you. No matter if you love fishing, camping, or wanting to paddle with your pet, getting the most suitable accessories will make your trip a lot easier.

Some of the accessories mentioned here could improve your overall experience, while some of the accessories are designed for specific activities, depending on your purposes, you may want to pick the suitable accessories.

Best Kayak Accessories: What to Consider 

No matter the type of kayaking accessory you are in search of, there are certain qualities that you should keep an eye out for before purchasing.


When it comes to buying any kind of watersports equipment, you need to think about the durability of it. Due to the unpredictable nature of water and being exposed to the elements, you will want accessories and equipment that are made to last. Take the time to spend a bit more money on good-quality and long-lasting accessories for your kayak. 

Durable kayak accessories will leave you feeling confident that you and your equipment will be prepared for whatever the condition.

Kayaking accessories should be able to withstand a certain amount of impacts and abrasions, so take into account the thickness of the material used. Materials for kayaking accessories should be thick enough to withstand a certain amount of wear-and-tear while also being wholly functional and lightweight. 

Freshwater? Saltwater? or Both?

Take into account if you are planning to kayak in both freshwater and saltwater before buying kayak accessories. Saltwater can take its toll on equipment if not cleaned in fresh water after use. High-quality materials such as aluminum and certain plastics are more likely to withstand the elements, especially saltwater. Be aware that more inexpensive materials such as an iron will rust even in freshwater.

Size and Weight

Kayaks are not renowned for their available space. As such, when buying accessories for your kayak, it is essential to remember to take into account the accessory’s weight and size. Limited space onboard means that those kayaking accessories will need to be carefully selected and must serve a specific purpose. 

Adding accessories changes the shape, size, and weight of the kayak. It often can have a negative impact on how the kayak sits and moves on the water. 

Before buying any additional accessories for your kayak, it is paramount that you are aware of the space available to you. This is necessary to ensure that with any add-ons, you will still be able to maneuver and paddle comfortably. 

Some kayak accessories are made with a specific kayak in mind, and as such the accessory may not be compatible with your kayak. Accessories should be as lightweight as possible, as any unnecessary weight can cause the kayak to become unbalanced. The more compact an addition is, the less likely it is to have an impact on your comfort.

Ease of Use

Kayaking accessories are there to make the time spent kayaking more enjoyable. The accessories that you add to your kayak should therefore be quick and easy to install but also be readily accessed. Before installing your accessory, it is always best to think about where it will be with where you will be sitting. 

Accessories should be stored securely when not in use but should be quickly reached if required. Kayak accessories should also be installed in a way that they are not in your way when paddling. 

We suggest testing out your kayak accessories before embarking on a long trip. This will ensure that you are aware of how they work and how to easily access them. By testing them out before a trip, you will have the time to complete any necessary adjustments and figure out where it is best to store the accessory if required. 

Waterproof ability

When you are out on the water, you will want to be sure that your accessories will be able to withstand any unexpected dips. Electronics have become an essential part of our lives, and they are used to ensure safety. Still, they can also be used to have fun while out kayaking. 

When looking for cases or housing for these electronics, you will want to ensure that it is completely waterproof, not just water-resistant. The safety of your belongings is only guaranteed if the container in which it is stored is entirely waterproof. 

The waterproof ability of kayaking accessories is not just crucial for protecting electronics. The more water-resistant a kayak accessory is, the longer it is going to last. Good seals and double stitching are what make kayak accessories more water-resistant. However, there is care involved in maintaining the waterproof ability of an accessory, so be aware of this when buying.

Best Kayak Accessories: Our Picks

Below is our list of the best kayak accessories which have been carefully selected with the qualities mentioned above in mind.

MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry Bag – the ultimate way to keep gear dry

Whether you are heading off on a lengthy kayaking expedition or a short day-trip, a dry bag is a must-have in everyone’s kayak accessories. Useful for carrying clothes, towels, snacks, and even electronics, dry bags are a kayaker’s best friend! 

MACRHWAY Waterproof Dry Bags come in a range of bright colors and sizes, meaning that there is a perfect one for all your needs. 

Durability: These heavy-duty dry bags are made with durability in mind, having an ultra-tough waterproof fabric that resists tears and punctures.

Size and Weight: The dry bags are portable and lightweight and can easily be rolled up when not in use.

Ease of Use: Coming with shoulder or cross-body straps these bags are easily transportable and functional. The simple roll down top seal system allows for quick and easy access when required.

Waterproof Ability:  They are completely waterproof, ensuring that all your personal belongings will stay dry. 

Extras: The bag will also float on water once it is sealed. This means that you will be easily able to spot your belongings if they do manage to take an unexpected dip. 

Cons: The waterproof ability is not guaranteed if the dry bag becomes fully submerged in the water. 

YYST Kayak Paddle Leash – keeps your paddle nearby

Sometimes the unexpected happens when out kayaking, whether you end up capsizing or you drop your paddle. Too often, kayakers end up frantically looking for their paddle that has quickly drifted away. However, with a paddle leash, your all-important paddle will never be more than a few feet out. 

YYST’s 36-inch paddle leash comes in red, making it even easier to spot on a stormy day.

Durability: The wire gate is made with stainless steel which means that even in saltwater, the material won’t rust.

Size and Weight: The leash can easily be folded and stored compactly if necessary. The leash is also small and lightweight enough that it will not interfere with your paddling.

Ease of Use: The leash is easy to attach and detach from the kayak and can easily be adjusted depending on the size of the paddle.

Waterproof Ability: N/A

Extras: The leash is perfect for stopping paddles from sinking and is extremely stretchy so it won’t break under pressure. 

Cons: The velcro which attaches the leash to the paddle can become dirty with algae or seaweed and causes the material to lose its sticky ability. 

Attwood Universal Folding Anchor – perfect for taking breaks

Although relaxing, kayaking can be quite exhausting, especially if you are paddling against a strong current. Sometimes a quick break can be needed to rest, grab a snack, or even go for a swim. By having a small anchor onboard your kayak, you can ensure that you can take the necessary breaks. 

The Attwood Universal Folding Anchor comes in a mesh bag and has a 20ft rope.

Durability: The anchor is made from galvanized steel, so not only is it strong it is also capable of withstanding bangs against rocks.

Size and Weight: While the anchor weighs 3lbs, if you feel that an anchor may be necessary for your kayaking trips 3lbs is the perfect weight for anchoring one- or two-man kayaks. 

Ease of Use: The anchor can be easily stored in the mesh bag and can quickly be deployed if necessary.

Waterproof Ability: Galvanised steels means that the anchor won’t rust over time and won’t be impacted by the water.

Extras: The 20ft rope can easily be changed to something longer or shorter, depending on your requirements. 

Cons: The anchor may drift if deployed in a sandy area.

Final Words

It is never easy to choose the most suitable from a crowded market. This is why getting accessories for your kayak can be pretty difficult. There are tons of top brands out there and honestly, quite a number of them seem the same at first glance. 

It is a wise decision to make an educated decision before you purchase an accessory. Every above accessory works well with your trips and kayak. They are waterproof, durable, easy to use, and comes with nice details.  

Pick the one that best fits your habit and preference so you can enjoy an even better kayaking trip.

Do you own any kayak accessories? If so, what are those? Let us know in the comments below!