Best Budget Ski Gloves

This is a review of the best budget ski gloves from 2022 to 2023.

Are you itching to ski but don’t have the right gloves for it? If you’ve got a tight budget, then this article is for you.

I am Aspen, an NZSIA ski instructor and APSI snowboard instructor with over 10 seasons of experience, I have also developed a ski length calculator to help beginners to intermediate skiers choose suitable skis. I had been wearing a lot of ski gloves and I always keep a pair of spare ski gloves at a very affordable price point with me when I head out to the big white mountain.

I’ve compiled the best budget ski gloves so that you can ski without emptying your pockets.

I highly recommend Kinco 901 Gloves as the best budget ski gloves, they are durable, soft, comfortable, come with excellent waterproof ability. I truly love their omni-cuff design to keep the snow away on a powder day!

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Quick Summary

Who Should Get These?

As a ski instructor, I often tell my first-timer students to get something as cheap as possible, as long as they can function well… because you are still not so sure whether you will like skiing at all.

These budget ski gloves are great options for beginners because they are very affordable, and yet they come with great functions that every skier would love to have.

I love backcountry skiing, and I always bring along a pair of spare gloves. Sometimes, I will use my old gloves. However, I am also a person who can easily lose my gloves… my new record is four pairs per season. Lol.

And if you have read my other article, you will realize that purchasing gears in ski resorts is usually more expensive than ordering from online. So I tend to keep a pair of spare gloves with me all the time, and for these spare gloves, it is a good idea to go for a great price point option.

4 Best Budget Ski Gloves – Instructor’s Choice

Here is my most recommended best budget ski gloves.

Kinco 901 Gloves

  • Key Features: Fewer seams for greater comfort and smoother interior pigskin leather for waterproofing, Omni-Cuff design
  • Shell: Combined shirred elastic and polyester fibers, inner lining to keep hand snug
  • Insulation: HeatKeep thermal insulation
  • Best for: Overall

This list won’t be complete without the Kinco 901 Gloves as they were instrumental in popularizing the leather ski glove in the 80s. It is made of durable pigskin leather and is porous and flexible even when wet, making it perfect for winter conditions.

The Omni-Cuff design enables the attached wrist material to be worn inside or outside the glove. The fingers and palm sections are also reinforced with leather patches, sewn with Draylon thread for added protection. 

The Kinco 901s are available in sizes Small to XL.

MCTi Winter Gloves

  • Key Features: Removable MCTi wrist leashes, breathable, lightweight, touchscreen compatible, windproof, and snowproof
  • Shell: YCM-TEX Membrane Technology, mesh composite outer shell, protects hands  from freezing
  • Insulation: YCM-TEX Membrane Technology
  • Best for: Details

Next on the list is the MCTi Winter Gloves, which feature thinsulate polyester fabric that retains heat while allowing moisture to escape. Moreover, it is breathable and lightweight compared to other fabrics. The area between the thumbs and index finger is reinforced with leather to ensure comfort and improve grip.

It is also touchscreen compatible, which means, you can still use your phone and pick up calls while your gloves are worn. If you need to clean your goggles or cloth due to snow or soil, the design on the left forefinger easily allows you to do this.

The MCTi Winter Gloves are even equipped with a removable leash that helps you keep your gloves when you take them off. 

These are available in sizes Small to Large.

Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves

  • Key Features: Weatherproof, TPU breathable membrane, reinforced synthetic leather palm, protects against abrasions, touchscreen compatible, provides lasting warmth through thermal technology
  • Shell: All-nylon outer shell with reinforced synthetic leather
  • Insulation: Thermal insulation
  • Best for: Touchscreen

The cheapest on this list is the Tough Outdoors Winter Touchscreen Gloves. The all-nylon outer shell with reinforced synthetic leather keeps your hands dry and comfortable even in the coldest winter weather. In short, this combination ensures warmth and protection against snow and rain.

My friend has cold hands and she used these gloves on a -15 day and she said they did a great job at keeping her hands warm.

Whether you’re gripping snowmobiles, ski poles, shovels, or your snowmobile, the reinforced synthetic leather palm can help you get a good grip, as well as protect your hands against abrasions.

I usually use these gloves as spare gloves for ski touring, once I lost one of my gloves during the trip and these gloves have saved my day.

The gloves are also touchscreen compatible, so you won’t need to remove them when using your phone.

These are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to XL.  

Velazzio Winter Gloves

  • Key Features: Buckle closure, warm and lightweight, Fan-Tex membrane technology, waterproof, zipper pocket, durable PU palms with rubber dots for grip, 30-day free return and lifetime satisfaction assurance 
  • Shell: Waterproof TPU membrane
  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate and polyester
  • Best for: Warmth

The Velazzio Winter Gloves are padded with 3M Thinsulate insulation, allowing your hands to retain twice the amount of heat as compared to other materials. It’s also breathable and moisture-wicking, perfect for mid-winter weather.

The Fan-Tex membrane keeps hands dry and prevents moisture from entering. Furthermore, the zipper pocket is water-resistant and provides storage for small items such as keys, cash, and IDs. For extra grip, PU leather on the palms is equipped with rubber dots. The buckle closure also ensures that snow and cold air don’t make their way in. 

These are available from Small to XL. The Velazzio Winter Gloves are the ones to get if keeping your hands warm is your main priority.

Best Budget Ski Gloves – What to Consider

When looking for the best ski gloves, here are the top four things you need to keep in mind. 


This is the part that’s exposed to the elements and is also responsible for keeping water, snow, and wind from penetrating. You want to make sure that the materials used on the shell are highly durable and completely waterproof. Materials such as treated leather, nylon, and other membranes ensure that the shell is water-resistant.


This is the area between the shell and the lining, as well as the one in direct contact with your hands. Pro tip is to steer clear of ones that use cotton. Look for those with technologies such as Primaloft, Thinsulate, and Thermalite, as these use a combination of treated materials to ensure total warmth.


In order to keep your hands warm especially in winter weather, your gloves must be waterproof. Luckily, there are many excellent water-resistant materials being used in ski gloves like Omni-Tech, Gore-Tex, and Entrant. These are engineered fabrics ensuring water resistance and breathability at the same time. Amazing!


Lastly, comfort is a very important factor in choosing ski gloves. Gloves should fit you properly for flexibility and security. Small gloves will limit movement and expose your wrists, while gloves that are too large will lessen your ability to grip and maintain warmth. A right fit means there’s enough room for your fingers to pinch a small amount of fabric. This ensures that your hands are comfortable while inside the gloves.