Best Ski Accessories

This is a review of the best ski accessories.

My name is Kate and I’m a ski enthusiast. I’ve teamed up with Aspen, our wonderful NZSIA certified ski instructor, and ski school manager. Together we will bring you a list of the best ski accessories available.

Anyone who spends a lot of time skiing will eventually reach a point when they long for some handy gadgets that would make their days on skis easier and more comfortable.

Good ski accessories come in handy whether you want help caring for the equipment or you need extra support in the terrain.

Let’s take a look at these cool things you should pack into your ski bags!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get These?

I’d say that if you are just about to buy your first skis, there are other essential pieces of equipment that you need to invest in first. Although these gadgets are helpful, they are not a necessity for beginners.

Don’t stress about getting everything at once. You should get good skis and safety equipment first. For now, consider getting the Goggle Cover or the Knee Support (if you have weak knees), and then check out the rest once you know skiing is the hobby you want to invest in.

However, if you have already spent some time on the slope, get ready! These accessories are the missing piece you need to make your ski adventures even better!

How Can These Ski Accessories Help?

Some of the accessories will improve your comfort and performance. Some will help protect and care for your equipment, and others are just fun or informative to have. They all have one goal in common, and that is to make your life easier and your ski trips even more enjoyable.

Many of these tools are great helpers and time savers. Plus, they keep you cozy and ready for what skiing day could bring. We can appreciate that, and so we picked some of the coolest ski accessories to have on hand. Let’s have a look!

Best Ski Accessories

These are our most recommended ski accessories.

Therm-ic Boot Dryer

This gadget may not be something to take on a slope with you, but it is a must-have for all skiers. You will certainly appreciate it on any of your ski trips as well as your daily life.

This simple dryer is silent and easy to use as well as compact and light, making it ideal to bring on travels. The length is adjustable, and so it fits boots of different types and sizes.

It is even suitable for drying gloves. You won’t have to worry about wearing damp boots the next day. The dryer should have the work done within a few hours, and warm cozy boots will be waiting for you.

You need to keep in mind that it doesn’t have a timer nor an auto-off feature, so don’t forget to turn it off.

Hestra Power Heater Gauntlet Electric Ski Mitten

Staying on that warm and cozy note, we have heated gloves from Hestra that will save you from those freezing days. If you struggle to find a pair of gloves that is able to keep you warm, you will want to look into these. 

They keep your hands dry and warm with not only their waterproof and windproof properties but also the additional heating elements located at the fingertips.

You can switch between 3 settings to regulate the heat and find an ideal temperature for your hands in any weather. This is a pair of gloves I can trust for all conditions and trips: backcountry, side country, a windy day.

The gloves are made with Hestra’s Flextron softshell 4-way stretch and added leather to increase their durability. They come with a snow lock to stop snow entry.

The batteries are rechargeable and replaceable. The battery life is not bad. They can last all day on the lowest heat setting, but they won’t make it longer than 2-3 hours if you are using a high heat setting.

The company is known for its quality products that are, as they say, “Made to last”. However, since these gloves are expensive, I highly recommend following Hestra’s glove care tips that you can read online.

Knee support

If you live a sedentary lifestyle or don’t exercise, your knees could be weakened. It is a good idea to give them a little support to reduce the pressure and protect them from harm.

The snug fit provides thermal compression and can reduce pain, prevent injuries and help improve your performance. Both knee braces are made of durable Latex-free neoprene.

For skiers who need moderate support is ideal the McDavid Knee support. Anyone recovering from injury should use McDavid Knee Brace – one of the strongest knee supports on the market.

These two products are lifesavers for anyone with knee problems and skiers who don’t exercise much.

Some people have had trouble choosing the correct size, so be careful with it. I would recommend double-checking your measurements.

GoPro HERO 10

We recommend getting an action camera like GoPro to anyone who wants to capture special memories from their ski trips. Simply mount it on your helmet and you will have loads of fun playing around capturing different shots.

Hero 9 is great for skiing because it has advanced HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization built-in horizon leveling for the ultimate smoothness of your videos. The camera allows you to shoot 5.3K60 resolution videos or take high-quality photos with 23MP clarity.

You don’t have to worry about the snow and rough conditions because this camera is rugged and also waterproof down to 10 meters (33 feet).

It features Front Display as well as Rear Touch Screen for easy camera control. GoPro Hero 10 is a durable, high-quality camera that comes with many cool functions. Additionally, you can buy different mounts to shoot more unique videos on the slope.

The downfall of this camera is the battery life, even though it has improved compared to previous models. The cold weather usually makes these matters worse. So if you want to play it safe during a long ski session, take 2 spare batteries with you and keep it warm until you need them.

Ski Skooty Skiing Boot Traction Cleats

Boot traction cleats are handy whenever you need to walk a short distance, and you don’t feel like changing your ski boots.

Besides saving you time, they protect the soles of your ski boots so they can properly clip to the bindings.

They also add the necessary grip to the boots and make walking in them easier, more comfortable, and safer, especially if the terrain is icy or slippery.

You will be able to run into a shop or safely walk across an icy parking lot. They are curved to give you a natural heel-to-toe walking motion. Thanks to the adjustable design, they should fit most ski boots. These traction soles are made to be durable and easy to use.

GOGGLESOC: Microfiber Protective Goggle Cover

These google protectors come in beautiful, fun designs and colors. They are made from stretchy microfiber to protect one of the most fragile pieces of your equipment.

They keep your goggle lenses safe from scratches and extend their lifespan. You can also use them to help you clean the goggles while out in the terrain.

The Gogglesocs are designed to be easy to put on and take off, so you should manage to do that without taking your gloves off. Moreover, you can wear them while the goggles are on a helmet.

The one size fits all design works for most shapes, and almost all manufacturers. And to make it even better, they are made out of recycled plastic bottles and are machine washable.

Overall, Gogglesocs look great and are definitely worth buying to protect your ski goggles.


It’s great to have this tool in your backpack in case you need to adjust your binding while out on the slope. This Burton tool will do the job. When not in use, it is smooth and round at the edges, which makes it easy and safe to carry around.

It features a foldout handle to be easy to operate and use maximum power. And a small compartment to hold all the other bits that are: #2 and #3 Phillips head, flathead, 4mm Allen key, and 10mm wrench.

It is a convenient and compact tool. The biggest downfall is the lack of magnetic function to secure the screw bits from falling out.

Booster Strap for Ski Boot by SkiMetrix World Cup

These straps are very functional, making them ideal for intermediate to advanced level skiers who want to start going for high-performance skiing like carving or short turns.

Booster Strap, when used correctly, is designed to maximize the performance of your ski boots and provide you with better direct control of your skis, so they will start the turn sooner and end it faster.

The graded elasticity enables you to regulate the reaction speeds and fit them to your abilities. Booster Strap is designed with a cam buckle that brings better fit and comfort.

It also serves as a shock absorber due to its high flexibility. The Strap eliminates any space between your shin and the boot, thus protecting you from shin bang. 

The company proudly acknowledges that even some Olympians wear the Booster.

Take your time to install the straps correctly. That way, you can get the most out of them and bring your skiing to the next level.

Suunto 9 Baro

Last but certainly not least on our list of ski accessories is a GPS sports watch from Suunto─ Suunto 9 Baro. There is an abundance of GPS watches on the market. We picked this one as our fave for skiers for a few reasons.

Firstly, on top of the GPS tracker, the watch also has a barometer. That adds many exciting features, including sunset/sunrise times, temperature, weather trends, and a storm alarm.

To make the storm alarm work, you need to activate Alti & Baro mode. Then, the watch will be able to detect if any sudden pressure drops occur and notify you of an incoming storm.

Another reason is the exceptional battery life. Thanks to the intelligent battery system, you can choose from multiple power-saving modes. Suunto notes the battery life ranges from 25 hours (on the full power “Performance” mode) up to 170 hours with GPS tracking on.

The watch is designed for harsh conditions and has been tested against US military standard 810H. It is also water-resistant to 100m, so you can confidently take it skiing with you.

It is a stylish, easy-to-use watch. You can use an app to create a ski tour route and transfer it to your watch.

When talking about downsides, besides the higher price tag, it is worth mentioning that the heart rate and step tracking can be inaccurate sometimes.

Wrapping Up

Ski accessories are good helpers when you want to improve your performance, save time and increase safety or comfort. Plus, they will bring loads of fun to any skiing adventure.

Take care and enjoy your next ski trip!