Best Ski Bags with Wheels

Let’s take a look at the very best ski bags with wheels in the current market!

Hi, I’m Nick, an avid skier for decades and an all-around ski enthusiast. Today I’m working with our online ski school manager Aspen, an experienced NZSIA certified ski instructor and APSI and CASI certified snowboard instructor, to help you find the best ski bag with wheels for traveling around the world to your favorite ski resorts.

Aspen has been teaching skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, and China for over 15 seasons, we have used many ski bags throughout the years.

I’ll review three of my favorite bags and provide a guide for what to consider when purchasing the best ski bag with wheels for your personal needs.

When searching for a ski bag there are a few factors to consider such as the durability of the bag, the number of skis or amount of gear you’ll be carrying, and how much you’re looking to spend.

I’ve done all the work to help you make the right decisions for the best ski bags with wheels.

My top pick is the Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Travel Bag. It’s a versatile and lightweight bag that is easy to carry through airports and load in and out of vehicles for a great price.

Let’s get started and find the best ski bag with wheels for you!

Best Ski Bags with Wheels – Quick Summary

Best Ski Bags with Wheels Reviewed

Here are my top picks for the best ski bags with wheels.

Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Travel Bag

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: Multiple handles, well-organized interior, lots of space, additional boot bag, lockable main zipper, tow handle, inline skate wheels, external pocket
  • Construction: 600D ripstop polyester with water repellent finish, 360-degree padding
  • Fits: 2 sets of skis, poles, and 2 pairs of boots (1 pair not in a boot bag)
  • Price: $

The Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Travel Bag is a great soft roller bag for the skier who wants a bag that can do it all – short trips up to a local resort, overnights out of town that require a long drive, or even international travels to ski all around the world.

I have been traveling around the world skiing with only this bag, it’s large enough to fit everything in, from base layers, outer layers, boots, and all the accessories.

Constructed of a durable 600D ripstop polyester that comes in a variety of colors, this bag is very durable and looks great. The design of the bag holds 2 sets of skis securely in addition to providing space for poles, lots of outerwear gear, and boots. The bag also includes a boot bag for holding your boots in place on a flight where items may shift or move.

This bag is easy to hold, transport, and move with four heavy-duty handles on the ends and sides. It also has a tow handle that can pair with a rolling luggage bag for easy transport at airports. The inline skate wheels roll smoothly and allow you to move quickly.

The polyester sides of the bag are padded but some skiers may find that they need a bit more padding or a hard case for rough travel on airplanes and offroad vehicles. Some folks will also prefer a shoulder strap for carrying, which this bag does not come equipped with.

For the affordable price, durable construction, and compact design this is my top pick for the best ski bag with wheels.

Selected Sportbags Double Ski Bag with Wheels

  • Best for: Large capacity/family use
  • Key Features: Interior and exterior tie-down straps, internal padded divider, carry handles, shoulder strap, lots of padding on all sides of the bag
  • Construction: Water-resistant ripstop polyester, 1680 Polyester with PVC laminate
  • Fits: 2 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of poles, lots of outerwear, 2 kids skis and 2 pairs of boots
  • Price: $

The Selected Sportbags Double Ski Bag is a great bag for the skier who has lots to carry and wants it well protected, as well as families who are looking to carry children’s skis and adult skis in one bag. This bag will hold 190cm and wide skis easily, leaving lots of room for gear.

With a heavily padded interior and durable water-resistant polyester construction, this bag is built solid. Interior and exterior tie-down straps allow skiers to tightly secure the contents of the bag, and a padded internal divider travels the length of the bag to separate skis and accessories.

Handles on the ends of the bag allow for a firm grip while rolling, and a larger strap secured to the middle of the bag gives skiers the option to carry on the shoulder. Inline skate wheels are built solid and there are risers on the wheeled end of the bag that can be used to prop it up.

Unfortunately, this bag does not have an extendable tow handle, which can make it challenging to pull or hold with other luggage. The stitching on the polyester handles can also unravel, making for an unstable hold.

If you’re looking for a large bag that can hold multiple skis and lots of gear securely padded in a soft case, this is the best ski bag with wheels for you!

Sportube Series 2 Ski Case

  • Best for: Durability
  • Key Features: Hard outer shell, expandible lengths, easy to carry lockable design
  • Construction: High-density polyethylene shell, easy-pull handle, polyethylene wheels
  • Fits: 2 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of poles, not much else!
  • Price: $$

If you’re the type of skier that usually travels by airplane to your ski resort of choice, the Sportube Series 2 Ski Case is your best ski bag with wheels. For long international flights, rough drives where packages can shift or fall, or even when shipping your skis, this is the ideal hard case.

With a hard polyethylene shell and interior padding on both ends of the case, your skis and poles will be very secure on long journeys. Minimally built for either carrying from the top handle or pulling from the front easy-pull handle while it rolls, this is a case that looks sleek and protects well.

With this minimal design, however, skiers will sacrifice the spaciousness of a larger, often expandable softshell ski case. This case will be full with two skis and two poles, and may not hold wide skis and larger, more bulky bindings.

Fortunately, however, this case will extend in length, fitting skis up to 190cm in length. After extending the case, or when opening and closing it, be certain to make sure the locking mechanism connects through both the top and bottom of the case. If this mechanism is not fit securely into both halves, the case can easily open in transport.

While this case has a modern design and is very durable for long-term travel, the lack of space and locking mechanism may be a downside for some skiers.

This is a great case for a world-traveling skier looking for a minimalist design to protect two sets of skis and poles. If you’re looking for a hard case that will last for years, this is the best ski bag with wheels for you.

Best Ski Bags with Wheels – What to Consider?

Take into account the following factors before purchasing your ski bags.

Travel and Types of Ski Trips

It’s important to keep in mind the types of ski trips and the mode of transportation you will be using on your journey. A longer ski trip will require a ski bag with a larger capacity, while a shorter trip with less gear will require a much smaller bag.

Also consider the way you’ll be traveling, as you may need a bag that fits better inside a smaller car, for example. If there are times where you’ll need to load lots of ski bags into a van, train, or even airplane storage compartment, you will need a bag that can fit these sorts of travel.

Materials and Construction

While a hard shell bag will provide the most protection and often prove to be the longest-lasting, for some skiers the fact that hard shell bags can’t fold into a smaller size for storage can be a negative.

Soft bags should be durable but not too heavy, and today most are made of ripstop polyester with a water-resistant or waterproof liner. Handles should be sturdy and sewn with a secure and durable stitch.


Protecting your skis in transit is one of the primary purposes of a ski bag, so having adequate padding and securing them in place during transportation should be a major consideration.

Most bags have some sort of padding at the ends of the bag to protect the sharp tips of skis from breaking through the bag, so look for bags with padding on the sides, top, and bottom of the bag if you have particular needs for protection.


Especially if you are purchasing a larger bag for multiple sets of skis, tie-downs can be very useful for when you need to load less in your bag and want it to stay secure. Lots of ski bags can expand and contract with the help of tie-downs, so if you are looking for a bag that can hold different-sized loads of gear, look for quality tie-downs.

Design and Pockets

While some bags may look better than others, in reality, it’s all about how efficiently they hold your ski gear. Look for bags that utilize their interior space well – dividers and bags can be helpful for some skiers, but for others, they can block your use of the full storage space in the bag. Pockets should be accessible and constructed with good stitching and zippers or clasps.


Wheeled bags can be much easier on the body to carry, but without the proper handle or tow strap, a wheeled bag can quickly become an ergonomic nightmare. Consider your size, the bag’s size, the length of the bag, the style of handle, and how it might fit with other bags you will be carrying to find the bag that causes the least strain on your body when you carry or wheel it.

Wrapping Up

We highly recommend Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Travel Bag as the best ski bag with wheels, it’s durable, affordable, and very easy to carry, zips are made with great quality too.

The recommendations in this article can cover your different needs and you will be happy with their quality.