Best Winter Fishing Gloves

This is a review of the best winter fishing gloves.

I am Wesley and I am a fishing enthusiast. I had been fishing with my parents since I was 5. Winter fishing is one of my favorite activities.

Using fishing gloves during the winter can save you from frostbite and buy you a few more hours on the water during the coldest months of the year.

Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves, is my top pick of best winter fishing gloves, they are durably, waterproof, loaded with lots of functions and very warm and comfortable.

I will also look at other choices which are great for different needs, so you can easily pick on according to you preference.

Let’s find out what fishing gloves make the top 3 list.

Quick Summary

Top 3 Fishing Gloves

The following are the top three winter fishing gloves for men and women. These gloves are sure to keep your hands dry and warm while fishing during the winter.

Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves

  • Best: Overall
  • Key Features: Waterproof, functional, warm, durable
  • Key Benefits: They keep your hands dry and warm, meaning you get to stay out on the water longer without worrying about frostbite or hypothermia! You can perform the essential functions of fishing while wearing these gloves
  • Material: Silicone, neoprene, and leather
  • Pros: Inexpensive, designed for cold-weather fishing, adjustable, comes in multiple sizes

The Drasry neoprene fishing gloves are the best overall because they check all the boxes for durability, warmth, waterproofness, and functionality.

This pair of gloves is made of materials that give them the advantage over competitor products for durability and functionality.

These gloves were designed for cold-weather outdoor activities such as fishing, running, and outdoor work. However, they are not rated for extreme cold. Nor are they waterproof when submerged.

The price is within anyone’s budget when buying fishing gloves. They are not the most expensive gloves on this list, which aided them in reaching the top of the list.

Hot Shot Men’s Waterproof Fishing Gloves

  • Runner up
  • Key Features: Waterproof, breathable, functional
  • Key Benefits: Your hands stay dry, and you can keep using your phone or other fishing electronics while wearing them. They will keep your hands from sweating and causing your hands to get cold. 
  • Material: Polyester, spandex, silicone, leather
  • Pros: Offers your hands protection from the elements. You can use your electronics while wearing them. They are designed for anglers. They can be purchased in multiple sizes, so you get the fit you need

The Hot Shot Men’s Waterproof fishing gloves come in second-best overall because they are waterproof and functional, but they come in at a higher price and are not as durable as the Drasry Neoprene fishing gloves.

The materials used to offer the highest level of waterproofness while maintaining functionality. They form much better on your hands than materials such as neoprene.

Because the Hot Shot Fishing gloves were designed with anglers in mind, these gloves are great for the everyday activities anglers do regularly.

For the price, they are well within most people’s budget, but they are more expensive than the gloves that earned the number one spot on the list, and they are not as durable. That is why they are number two on the list.

SkyGenius Heated Gloves

  • Best Heated Gloves
  • Key Features: Electrically heated, warmth, waterproofness
  • Key Benefits: Your hands will be warm and dry. The battery-powered heat adds another level of heat to keep your hands warm. They are waterproof, so your hands stay dry while on the water, good customer service
  • Material: Nylon, leather, carbon fiber
  • Pros: If you have a problem with the gloves, the customer service is quick to respond and resolve the issue. On frigid days this is another heat source besides your body heat to keep your hands warm. These gloves are reasonably priced for heated gloves

The SkyGenius Heated Gloves made the list by being waterproof, warm, and reasonably priced.

However, for the price, they don’t seem to be highly durable. They are bulky, making some fishing functions very difficult to the point where you will want to take the gloves off and then put them back onto your hands.

The materials used are suitable, the main complaint was that the stitching and the batteries only lasted a few hours. The materials also make the gloves bulky, but the bulkiness means warmer and dryer hands.

These gloves are winter gloves, but they were not specifically designed for fishing.

The SkyGenius Heated Gloves are the most expensive pair of gloves on the list, but they are relatively inexpensive compared to other heated gloves. They lack durability and functionality, which landed them the number three spot on the Best Winter Fishing Gloves list.

Best Winter Fishing Gloves – What to Consider?

The best fishing gloves have four qualities we will look at when deciding which pair of gloves you should purchase. Durability, warmth, waterproofness, and functionality are the four characteristics we will discuss.


When purchasing any product, you want a product that will last. Winter can be tough on equipment, especially a piece of clothing like gloves. Having an unnecessary hole in your gloves isn’t going to help you stay warm while fishing.


The main reason to wear gloves is to keep your hands warm and protect them. Wearing a pair of gloves that allows your hands to get cold quickly won’t do you any good.


Your gloves are going to get wet while fishing. Whether from having to reach into the water or just handling the fish, a pair of waterproof gloves will help keep your hands dry and warm.

When your gloves become soaked with water, they will no longer be warm and could speed up the process of hypothermia.


You are wearing gloves that you can’t fish with, which defeats the entire purpose of fishing gloves. You want a pair of gloves that are functional as well as all the other previously described characteristics.

If you have to keep taking your gloves off to fish, you will eventually stop wearing the gloves and have wasted your money on purchasing fishing gloves.

Wrapping Up

Winter fishing is super duper fun and a pair of high quality fishing gloves will keep you warm and happy on the ice.

Drasry Neoprene Fishing Gloves is my favorite and you will be happy with it’s quality.