How to Choose a Paddle Board (SUP)?

how to choose a paddle board

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the right paddleboard. Generally, the three main factors are: Construction Type Shape Size. To help you understand better, we’ve discussed each factor in detail below. Construction Type First, you should check to see how the board is made. Paddle boards typically come in either inflatables or solids, with … Read more

What Is Paddle Boarding?

what is paddle boarding

In this article, we will explain everything about paddle boarding. Hi, I am Angle, I am the water sports consultant of SSWBoardHouse, a retired professional kayak athlete, and a certified paddle boarding instructor with over 10 years of experience. On days when calm waters aren’t terrifying and mysterious, it becomes a fantastic place to try … Read more

40 Water Sports Bloggers Share Their Favorite Water Sports

Favorite water sport and essential equipment

It’s almost summer and after 2 years of the pandemic, we are finally free to travel again without restrictions.  Whether you are an adventurous person who enjoys all sorts of extreme sports or if you are just searching for a new hobby, water sports are the perfect way to have fun, get your adrenaline spiking, … Read more

Everything About Double Black Diamond Ski Run

Everything about double black diamond ski run

This article will explain everything about black diamond ski runs. Hi, I am Aspen, I am an NZSIA certified ski instructor and APSI certified snowboarding instructor. I have been teaching snow sports in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and China for over 15 seasons. Recently, I have developed a ski length calculator to help my … Read more

What Happened to the Association of Surfing Professionals?

What Happened to the Association of Surfing Professionals

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is the organization that established the inaugural world circuit of pro surfing events. Their official website was However, typing into the address bar of any search engine today, users get this dreadful message: “This site can’t be reached.” You can check your connection, proxy, and firewall or … Read more

Sea Kayak vs River Kayak

Sea Kayak vs River Kayak

Kayaking is among the most popular water activities in the world. There are countless famous kayaking spots across the globe that range from the inner city Venice canals, the beautiful Sea of Cortez in Mexico, to the underground rivers of Palawan in the Philippines. Because of this variety, kayaks are also made in different shapes, … Read more

Paddle Board vs Kayak (Which is Better?)

Paddle board vs kayak

Kayaking and paddleboarding are two of the most popular water sports today. Both have pros and cons, so beginners will need some help figuring out which activity is better. There are several different activities you can do with each instrument, such as fishing, SUP yoga, and pilates. However, budget constraints, location, skill level, and other … Read more

Most Common Ski Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Most Common Ski Injuries and How to Prevent Them

In this article, we will talk about the most common ski injuries and how to prevent them. I am Aspen, an NZSIA certified ski instructor, APSI certified snowboard instructor, an NZSIA children’s teaching certification holder. I have been teaching skiing for over 10 seasons and have taught over thousands of students. Today, I will work … Read more